16 December 2007

Mitch and Vincent Price? When? What Earth in multiverse is this? And do I now call him Vinnie the Price?


Capcom said...

Oh! I know this movie, I saw it once on TCM! Was Ava Gardner in it? Some slinky dame was jerking Mitch around about some jewels or money I think, I can't remember who. There was a cool resort Tiki lounge. Mitchum got beat up on a boat by thugs, but he eventually won somehow. Gotta find out what this movie is now. :-o

Capcom said...

Found it, in case you didn't yet:

"'His Kind of Woman' (RKO, 1951) is a vehicle for both RKO's reigning bad boy, Robert Mitchum, and Howard Hughes' definitive coup of distaff engineering, Jane Russell. Their characters cross paths en route to a seaside Mexican resort, where she aims to continue her gold-digger pursuit of Hollywood ham Vincent Price, and Mitchum will figure in a plot to get deported mobster Raymond Burr back into the U.S.A. The slow-brewing romance between this dauntingly tall, broad-shouldered pair gives off little heat, but the players' good-natured, weary-pro rapport as they go through their mostly preposterous paces makes for very good fun. Still more is supplied by Price, who just about steals the movie when he gets to extend his sub–Errol Flynn screen heroism into real life--all the while supplying his own florid running commentary on the action. The urbane director John Farrow filled the movie with one delicious, what-the-hell-is-going-on-here scene after another (highlight: a bored Mitchum ironing his money), but that wasn't enough for studio boss Hughes. Richard Fleischer was brought in to stretch the climactic melodrama aboard Burr's yacht in the harbor, and the picture grew to an overblown two hours in length. Not that you're likely to regret a minute of it."