29 May 2008

Now that's the life, I tell you...

26 May 2008

24 May 2008

Well, at least L'il Psycho has some good taste in his tagging skills.

21 May 2008

A little early for Friday Night Fights, but what the hell.

19 May 2008

I have this look to my face when I wake up on Monday mornings. But I never made the cover of the Rolling Stone.

17 May 2008

And now I'm going to do an impersonation of your crazy Uncle Wayne...

16 May 2008

The first crime noir western. Really. Go ask anyone.

15 May 2008

Luke Doolin gets all the honeys in THUNDER ROAD. Plus, he gets to live in a b&w world.

12 May 2008

Keep your helmet on when the shit starts flying...

07 May 2008

Tuesdays and Wednesdays on the job.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays on the job.

06 May 2008

The look and pose is pretty much me fifteen minutes into work on any given Monday.

01 May 2008